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3 months (on site/remote)

Storyboard Artist

Freelance - CDD

Don Pedro is seeking a Storyboard Artist for an animated short film production. The Storyboard Artist will work closely with the director to execute storyboard production deliverables according to the Director's creative vision.

We are seeking an artist with both unique and technical styling and skills in storytelling, posing for animation, and dynamic drawing to bring this project to life.


  • strong sense of cinematic storytelling, layout and design

  • proficient in Photoshop, Krita. 

  • knowledge of blender/grease pencil is a plus

  • production experience on a story and/or animation teams

  • proven experience on animated shorts, series or features

1 week to 6 months (on site)


to apply send your CV and coverletter outlining the area you are interested in.

CG, Storyboard, Character Design, Environment Design & Matte Painting

(If applicable, include your current reel and shot breakdown.)

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